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Alice Makes Some Cookies

Pillow cookies, to be exact.

What the what? Is that…

Pillow cookie
…a brownie baked into a huge cookie?

Why yes, yes it is. This is the turducken of baked goods. I like it!

Want to make your own? I found the recipe on Bakerella, my favorite baking blog. I made a few adjustments, and they still turned out great: I only had half a cup of butter, so I substituted shortening for the rest; I didn’t have 12 oz of mini chocolate chips, or even 12 oz of regular chocolate chips (yikes, I know!), so I did half semi sweet and half white chips; and I wanted more than 10 cookies, so I halved the size of the brownie chunks and cookie dough globs. I think I shaved a minute off the baking time to account for smaller cookies. Oh, and of course, I used my mom’s perfect brownie recipe instead of a box variety (see comments for the recipe).

You can check out Bakerella’s post for more details and better pictures, but here’s basically how you make them:

1. Make the cookie dough. Chill for an hour while you bake the brownies. Once cool, cut the brownies into little chunks.

2. Plop 6 or 8 blobs of dough on a parchment-covered cookie sheet:
the blobs

3. Press in brownie chunks:
the chunks

4. Moosh the cookie dough until it covers the brownie, and then roll into a ball for good measure:
the balls (haha, "balls")

5. Bake at 350 degrees for 16-18 minutes. Peek about halfway through:

6. Admire while they cool:

7. Eat! (See picture at beginning of post)

Tada! Maybe you should go make some now.