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Alice Makes Some Cards

It’s about time I write about these!

Mom's Day cards

I made these way back in May, before I started this blog. One day I was fooling around improvising crocheted flowers, and I came up with this design that I really liked. So I decided to make a couple into pins for my mom and mother-in-law for Mother’s Day. But it seemed like such a small gift… so I thought I’d make it into a card instead.

under the flower

I had a lot of fun using my sewing machine on cardstock – it makes a super-satisfying pop every time the needle punches through, and it’s a lot easier to make a precise design on a stiff card than it is on fabric.

back view

Of course, I had Caleb sign it, too!

These are the first of many cards I’ve made by embroidering designs onto index cards covered in tissue paper. I’ll post more later, along with pictures of the process so you can see how I do it. It’s not real hard, but it’s time consuming and takes a fair amount of detail-orientedness and precision.

If I ever get around to opening an Etsy store, this is the type of thing I’ll sell!