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Alice Makes a Ruffled Pillow

I’ve been putting my crafty area to good use! Here’s what I made this weekend:

Super Girly Pillow

Possibly the girliest pillow ever! I loosely followed this great tutorial from Oh So Crafty, except instead of using a button-up shirt, I just used another t-shirt and made it an envelope-style pillowcase. Super easy. Then I made a pillow to fit inside, out of another t-shirt. All in all, I used the backs of two t-shirts, and the bottom half of another shirt.

close-up of the ruffles

I’m quite pleased! (Thanks, Oh So Crafty!)

I bet it would also be cool to make the ruffles out of the front of a t-shirt, design and all! I wonder how recognizable the design would be, after being sliced up and ruffled. I might have to try that sometime.

I have a bit of a t-shirt problem. Caleb and I have three boxes full of t-shirts that we no longer wear. Several of them are sentimental enough that we definitely want to save the designs for a t-shirt quilt or pillows or something. Out of the shirts that we’re not so attached to, a few have cool designs on them – but I’m afraid to modify them (like turning them into ruffles), in case it ruins them and I regret chopping them up. Of course, if I never do anything with them, they’ll just sit in a box forever, which is a sad fate for a t-shirt! I just have a hard time being brave enough to do bold things with those old shirts. So I’m slowly using up all the blank parts of the shirts, and the printed designs get saved for who knows what.

Maybe once it’s been a few more years I’ll feel less attached. Let’s pretend that will happen, OK?