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Alice Makes a Designated Crafting Area

Holy Hallelujah!

Ok, so I wasn’t planning on taking the summer off from blogging, but it kinda happened anyway. We were literally traveling every weekend, so that kept me pretty busy. But now things are winding down, so there’s a chance that I’ll start posting again. Though I’m beginning to think that my original goal of weekly posts was a little far-fetched.

BUT, back to the hallelujah part: check it out!
My new craft area

A table just for crafting! And look at how much stuff I can store under it… All this stuff was in our bedroom closet and the pantry, of all places:
Storage space

Compare that to my previous craft space:
Dinner table - boo

Takes a lot of work to get that clean enough to eat on, never mind bigger projects.

This bodes very well for the future of this blog – now that I have room (and slightly better light for taking pictures), I’ll be making a lot more things to show you!